Welcome to St. Luke's!
Episcopal Church in Park City, UT

As a community, we are inclusive and welcoming. Our only requirement for membership is the willingness to listen to, respect, and learn from those who do not agree with you.

Our motto:  "Love God...Think for Yourself!"

It is our hope that your worship experience at St. Luke’s will bless and enrich your life.

If you are new to the community (or not) welcome to our parish family!


With the hope of offering a meaningful spiritual experience while keeping everyone safe from the spread of COVID-19 infection, St. Luke's will offer 4 Christmas Eve services:  5:00,  6:30,  8:00, and  9:30 PM.

Each service will last about a half-hour and will take place outdoors.  You will remain in your car (hopefully without the motor running the whole time....please dress warmly). 

Worship leaders, including Bishop Nicholas of Myra (5th century), will be located on a stage in the middle of the parking lot and the service will be broadcast to your car radio.

We can accommodate no more than 20 cars at each service so you will have to reserve your spot in advance.  Reservations will be on a first-come, first-served basis. Please click on the Christmas Eve Registration Button below. 

Have a blessed and safe Advent Season!

Christmas Eve Registration
Our Weekly Schedule During the Pandemic
Connect with the People of St. Luke's Safely....Online

With the COVID-19 infection rates so high, we are choosing to refrain from meeting in-person, but we are meeting regularly online.  Here's our weekly schedule.

EACH SATURDAY -  Everyone on the St. Luke's E-newsletter Email Distribution List receives an e-newsletter which contains.....

   (1) a link to a YouTube video of the weekly virtual worship service and sermon,

   (2) a link to download the text of the text of the worship service and sermon,

   (3) a Zoom invitation to the next day's social time online...our "Coffee Hour"

   (4) plus more information and announcements.

EACH SUNDAY - Coffee Hour (social conversation and connection) via Zoom at 11:00 AM

EACH WEDNESDAY -  "Beer & BS" - Lifelong Adult Education at St. Luke's at 4:00 PM on Zoom

All are welcome!  (NOTE:  We are currently taking some time off for the holidays.  We will resume in early 2021.)

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Our Street Address is NOT Our Mailing Address:

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 981208, Park City, UT  84098