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Rev. Charles Robinson - Priest

Charles+ values education highly.  He holds four graduate degrees: M.Div. (Master of Divinity), M.S. in clinical psychology, and an M.B.A.. In 2015, he completed an M.A. in philosophy, Summa cum laude. His thesis was entitled, “The Phenomenology of Jean-Luc Marion: Opening Secular Philosophy to the Possibility of Theology.”   In addition, he is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy.  He is a religious humanist and thinks that education in the humanities is a lifelong process and essential to the ongoing health and life of any individual.  He strongly encourages all members of St. Luke’s to be continually engaged in some form spiritual education and training.

Charles+ thinks that, due to the convergence of a number of factors, a new spiritual reformation or understanding is slowly emerging.   The Church of the 21st century will continue to celebrate the self-giving love, compassion and mercy expressed in Jesus of Nazareth as it increasingly acknowledges that God can never be contained and finally defined by any one particular theological or religious system.  Religion’s attempt to control thinking, to suppress intellectual diversity and spiritual exploration is coming to an end.


Christian spirituality will more and more be seen, not as submitting oneself uncritically to a list of "correct beliefs" or doctrines, but as an exciting, wondrous adventure embracing not only Christian thought and tradition, but also that of other faith and wisdom traditions from around the globe.  Salvation will no longer be understood as the attainment of immediate certainty and "eternal security," but as the healing and wholeness that comes from the fearless search for truth, wisdom, and unity.


“My dream for St. Luke’s is that we will increasingly become a place of worship, study, exploration, and practice; a spiritual community that celebrates intentional hospitality and intellectual freedom.  In other words, our support of one another's practice of those disciplines and methods that deepen our love and compassion and awaken our consciousness of the presence of Love in and through and all around us will take place in a community context that is completely open, both spiritually and intellectually. St. Luke's is, and will more and more become, a safe place to explore and practice spirituality. . .Completely committed to practicing the love and compassion practiced by Jesus of Nazareth. . . .Completely open to any and all seekers. . . .Completely accepting. . . .Completely curious. . . Completely excited about the adventure of the spiritual journey.”

What are you waiting for?  Come and join us on the journey!!   Please feel free to contact Charles at 435-649-4900 Ext. 11 or


Rev. Claudia Giacoma - Assisting Priest

The Rev. Claudia Giacoma is the Assisting Priest at St. Luke’s.   “Mother Claudia” preaches & celebrates the Eucharist regularly and teaches adult education classes.  Her special gifts lie in the areas of pastoral care & counseling and the use of the arts for spiritual reflection and discernment.

Mthr. Claudia’s Email:


Beckie Raemer - Administrator

Beckie has been our Parish Administrator for over 22 years.  She manages the office, supervises the database, pays the bills and does all of our financial accounting, and about a hundred other things during a given week.  She’s a great resource for information and will do her best to help you with whatever you may need. 

She has been married to Steve for twenty one years and enjoys working in her yard, playing with her grandchildren and walking with her dog on her days off.

Beckie’s Telephone:  435-649-4900 Ext. 12   Email:


Manuel Clayton - Minister or Music and Liturgy

Our Minister of Music and Liturgy is Manuel Clayton.  Manuel joined our staff in the fall of 2004.  He was born in Argentina, raised in the LDS faith, and took an undergraduate degree in music at Brigham Young University.  He and his life-partner Ted are the proud parents of teen ager, Erik.  He rehearses with the adult choir each Sunday morning beginning at 9:00 in preparation for the 10:30 liturgy.

Manuel’s Email:


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