Greetings dear friends!
First of all, Happy New Year, and here’s hoping you all are healthy, happy, and content.
We have an update about how we’re doing and how you can participate if you feel so led.
The two recent visits to Colorado have been both wonderful and taxing.  While we are grateful to re-connect with old friends and family, the trips have taken a toll on Julia’s health.  Her mobility has gotten worse and we believe it’s due to her leaving her precious home and community (you all) in Park City and interrupting her healing protocol.
After sinking into despair for a few minutes, we shifted and got curious about “what can we do” given this reality.  The answer came quickly:
- Increase the PT to 4x/week
- find a good stationary bike that will fit in our little living room so that Julia can use it daily - this will help her keep moving while the cold weather prohibits her from being outside
Here’s where you come in!  To make this happen, we are wondering if any of you:
a.  Are free to drive me to another PT appt. - either weekly or be part of a rotation of folks that join my current driving squad.  I first have to work out the day of the week with my PT clinic, but it likely will be Tuesday or Wednesday at 1:00.  I currently go Monday, Thursday, and Saturday at 1:00.  Peter takes me on Mondays and Saturdays.
b. Does anyone have an exercise bike laying around?  If not, do you recommend a local store where we could purchase one?  Our funds are quite limited so we don’t need a fancy peloton.
We’re looking at this as “all perfect” and we know God is for us every step of the way - and sometimes God uses other people to help us :)
Please email Peter or Julia if you can help out.
Thanks so much!
God bless you and thank you for your love.
Peter & Julia