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The two Church clean-up days were very successful. We had many people who helped with the physical labor and keeping the crews fed. But, unfortunately, many people could not attend the work days for various reasons.

Taking on such an enormous task of doing many things at once, many costs went along with the clean-up. And we still have repairs that need to be made by professional companies. Such as replacing two broken windows.

Donation cards are attached to the job board at the back of the church, near the fellowship area. Could you take one of the cards and donate it towards the cost of the items. A list is provided below. Maybe, you could cover that cost or make a donation towards the cost.

If you would like to donate, you can either drop off or send a check to PO Box 981208, Park City, UT 84098 and in the memo line, write what the donation is for. Or you can go to our website: and click on the "Give" link. This link will take you to and select the option for Church Repairs.

Here is a partial list of items:

Exterior Window Cleaning: $1,000         Shelving: 6 sets, $100 each          Shop-Vac: $80           Tools: $100              Replace Front Circle broken window: $500      Replace Nursery broken window: $500          Buckets: $50          Dumpster for day 1: $480          Dumpster for day 2: $500          Blind Repairs: $150            Garden Tools: $45         Broom/Mop/Shovel Wall Organizer: 3 sets $25 each            Rags / Gloves: $45            Outdoor Woodpecker Deterrents: $55          Brooms / Mops: $75         Mulch, Potting Soil: $100          Storage Boxes for Upstairs: $150           17' Ladder: $150          Chair Dollies: $300            Table Dolly: $320           Cleaning Supplies: $150              Paint Supplies: $60           Storage Boxes for Supplies: $75           Storage / Organizers for all Classrooms and Nursery: $250