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For indoor services:
+ The Sanctuary has been arranged to provide the 6 feet distance between attendees and a 20-foot distance to the choir members per the Diocese recommendations. Every other pew is closed off from seating and 6-foot designation stickers are on the pews for seating.
+ Everyone should act as if they are carriers of COVID-19. We must wear our masks at all times while indoors and maintain physical distance to protect others in case we are carriers and don't know it. Being vaccinated does not mean you cannot be a carrier.
+ A worship booklet that includes the liturgy and music will be provided for all. Booklets and bulletins are available in the church foyer. Everyone is allowed to sing with their mask on during the service.
+ There will be a table set up with hand sanitizer and masks-if needed, name tags, offering envelopes with pens. Please sanitize your hands when entering the Sanctuary. 
+ Our ushers will help everyone to arrange seating to keep everyone at a safe distance. Please take your seats upon arrival.
+ Sit together as a family with ample distance between attendees. We have to assume that not everyone has been vaccinated.
+ Individually packaged bread and wine for Communion are provided during the service. Wine/Juice and Bread/Gluten-free options are available.
+Offertory plate and Communion cup disposal tray will be passed during the service.
+ We will attempt to design each service to last no more than an hour.
+ Coffee hour has been discontinued until we can meet unmasked outdoors in the spring. Please wear your mask and maintain community connections after the service in the nave and parish hall areas. 
Thank you.