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Dear Parish,

We are pleased to announce we have a new Interim Priest starting July 1st. Peter Munson has accepted our offer to preside over our congregation during this time of discernment and self-discovery. Many of you may remember his visit to our Church during his walk across the United States for charity a few years ago. Peter has completed a successful interim position at Christ Episcopal Church in Aspen Colorado. Before his service there, he worked for 18 years as Rector for St Ambrose Episcopal Church in Boulder. Peter will be working with us to provide a smooth transition to our permanent rector, taking on all pastoral care duties and assisting with the transition process.

We are currently seeking housing for Peter and his wife, Julia. If you or someone you know can help us with finding a 2 bedroom furnished unit, please contact Rusty or Beckie with the details. The unit needs to be on one level- with either an elevator or on-street level access. Help us find a comfortable living environment for Peter and Julia. Peter will begin his term on July 1, with his first Sunday service on the 4th of July- let’s celebrate and Welcome Father Munson!

Please go to our website or St Luke’s app for details of the upcoming services under the EVENTS tab. Reverend Jessica Hatch will preside over our outdoor services between now and Peter’s arrival. We have also planned Morning Prayer services for Mother’s Day, Memorial Day weekend, June 6, and Father’s Day Sundays.

There are volunteer opportunities for providing leadership of our Morning Prayer services to those interested.Contact Rusty at: cell: 435-602-8683Contact Beckie at:  church phone 435-649-4900 Ex 12