We will be discontinuing the current Newsletter soon and replacing it with a new version. You will not be automatically transferred to the new one so you need to sign up for the new version at the St. Luke's webpage. St. Luke's wants you to be informed about the exciting events and happenings at St. Luke's and don't want you to lose out or lose you. All the entries in the current newsletter will be including in the new one.
Here on the website- scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the simple instructions to enroll in the new Newsletter- There are a couple of steps- one to verify you aren't a robot and another to sign in. Once you have enrolled- you will receive the new newsletter and the current one from Constant Contact if you are enrolled to receive it. 
The old Newsletter from Constant Contact will be discontinued very soon! Please enroll in the new Newsletter to stay connected and informed about St. Luke's.
Thank you.