Hello Dear Gardeners All,
I'm leaving on a trip, returning by the end of the month.  
Thanks to Kelly, Lindsay, and Kate for watching out for any water leaks, strange happenings, and encouraging all to deal with our consistent enemy - crabgrass!
To answer some of the questions which came up, here a few bits of news to share:
- The water is turned on.
- The drip irrigation is all set up for 6 am - 7 am daily.
- The entry # is 4595
- I have not seen a pot gut yet!!! Could it be that there aren't
- Feel free to use the cages to cover your plots.
- It's always good to use the frost cloth until the end of June or
as needed.
- Sunshades fit on top of the cages. The cloth is stored in the
box behind the composters.
- If you're able, please donate $35 to St. Luke's Church to help pay for the water we're using. Thanks to Kristal Bowman-Carter for her generosity already. Beckie is in the office on Wednesdays. She'd be happy to accept your check. Or you may mail a check to PO Box 981208, Park City 84098. 
- Most of you have cleaned up your plots. They look great! Thanks.
Please "feed" the first #1 box of the composer with green stuff from your kitchens according to the rules posted on the inside of the shed door. ALWAYS cover with brown stuff - leaves are in #2 and #3 bin as well as on the outside of the gardens. If your droppings are not covered, it will attract pests.  
Thanks to Kelly for weeding the perennial beds. We need to feed the pollinators so that your zucchini will grow.
Have a great month of growing food and flowers!
Many Thanks, Insa