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Please pray for all those who are facing adversity, suffering and hardship. Please pray for all who are in any kind of trouble. We remember today…….
Sharron (mother of Ted)
Derrell (husband of Teddi)
Jane (friend of Don and Leslie)
Dave and Randy (brothers of Beckie)
Robert (husband of Iris)
Bob (uncle of Beckie)
Ruth and Larry (family of Barbara)
Lori (sister of Krissa)
Jennifer (wife of Tom)
Rick (son of Lou and Claudia)
Pat (mother of Stephanie)
Sue (friend of Charles)
Emmy (granddaughter of Deedee)
Maria ( sister of Brad)
With gratitude in your heart, please mention one or two of the blessings you have experienced in life. We remember and celebrate the birthdays of Debbi and Claudia - beloved members of our parish community.