Greetings, I am hearing that it is nice to be back inside our church even if we have to wear masks. Just a quick reminder that we are trying to practice social distancing while inside. Please try to take your seats in the pews without too much gathering to greet your friends. Save your socializing for the outdoor coffee hour after the service.
We are fast approaching the arrival of our new interim pastor, Reverend Peter Munson. His first service will be on Sunday, July 4. Certainly, many of us will have holiday plans but it would be great to have a nice turnout to welcome Reverend Munson to St. Luke's. Get it on your calendar now. 
I’ve heard from some members who are preparing to host small gatherings to meet with Reverend Munson. It’s great to hear your enthusiasm to welcome him and willingness to help him achieve his goal of meeting us all on a personal level. . We will plan to firm updates for these gatherings very quickly upon his arrival and I encourage more of you to get small groups together. 
Hope to see you Sunday and Happy Father’s Day! Rusty