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Hello Dear Gardeners,
Our gardens are a much sought-after commodity this year. We have 12 official plots at 3’ x 10’. 8 plots are taken over by last year’s gardeners. We welcome two new gardeners and have two plots open. There’s interest in one of them already. 
So, who says we’re not growing? We most certainly are. Join us. It’s fun. It’s healthy. It’s good for your body, especially your brain!
Come by to visit. Checking it out. Sit quietly at the Picknick table for a while. Enjoy the birds. Chase away the voles and pot guts, or invite more kestrels to have lunch. 
If you have any veggie or fruit peels, coffee grounds or tea bags - drop it in our compost bin #1. Always, always cover with leaves from #2 bin.
compost questions? Ask me anytime. 
NOTE: noxious weed alert!
 White top is blooming, setting seeds. Pull out the entire plant. It’s easy. Dispose in your garbage can please. 
dyers woad is starting to bloom. Tall plant. Yellow blossoms. If you can’t pull the entire plant, cut the entire crown of yellow blossoms. Dispose in garbage can. 
Noxious weeds poison your soil. Nothing else will grow. Each plant is like a straw into our groundwater. We can’t waste any water by allowing those plants to grow! Especially this year. 
Thanks. See you in the garden! Insa Riepen ~ 435.640.4000
FYI - There will be a special event organized BY "Friends of the Barn" at McPolin Farm. To see the flyer for "YOUR BARN DOOR IS OPEN" BBQ and Live Music click HERE.
Many thanks,
Insa - 435.640.4000 -