Your Voice Matters

We are setting up Listening Groups with all the ministries, Bible studies and mission groups.  Your group will be contacted soon.  If you are not "attached" to an organized group within the church, you might want to submit your responses directly to Linda at or Dyan at

Thw questions to ponder and respond to are:

1.      Name 3 things you like most about the congregation & 3 things we can do better.

2.      What personal qualities or skills do you hope for our new Rector to possess?

3.      What is working well in your small group or mission and/or how can the church better support your group?

4.      What steps can we take to foster a growing community at St. Luke’s?

5.      Love God & Think for Yourself.  Is this still an important question for St. Luke’s?  Why or why not?


Self Discovery Phase
The process has begun!
As you most likely know, we have formed a search committee for our new St. Lukes rector.
Our first phase is entitled Self Discovery.
We have been meeting with various members and have entered into a discussion to help us figure out...
Who are we now?  and Where are we going? 
After all the restrictions the pandemic has created, along with Father Charles' retirement, your voice matters more than ever! Our committee hopes to contact all of our St. Lukes members. These are the 6 questions that we will be asking as we begin our self discovery phase.
There is a lot of change in the air, and we look forward to moving ahead together!
Linda and Dyan
Holy Cow Survey is open and ready for your response

As you know, we have asked Holy Cow Consulting to help us with a survey to plan for our St Luke’s future. This tool will give us a comprehensive summary of the church and its needs, focusing on a new rector who would best be able to lead us.  In order for this survey to be effective, we need everyone in each household, including all family members over the age of 13, to take this assessment for our church community.  This survey can be taken online, using the link below.  A paper copy of the tool will be available in the office upon request.  All surveys are strictly anonymous.  Also, an email will come to all members with an email registered at St. Luke’s with the same link that is at the bottom of this letter. Please contact Beckie at the church office if your email has recently changed.

The survey will be available for three weeks, beginning on January 20th and ending on February 11.  It will take approximately 30-40 minutes to complete and will need to be performed all at one time.  (unless using a paper copy)  It is mostly multiple choice with some open-ended questions, specific to our parish.  All  86 multiple choice questions need to be answered.  There is a “Don’t Know” option with most questions. The last 6 questions are only answered by one person in the household and pertain to household data.  This is explained in the survey instructions.

In addition to the 86 questions, there are four open-ended questions, written by the Search Committee.  There are also three categories of questions that pertain to critical ability, worship experience, and strategic planning which specifically address our most recent listening group concerns.  These questions are very valuable and will guide us in selecting our new rector.

Sound daunting?!  Not if you understand how important and useful this information will be in discovering who we are as a church body.  This is your chance to share your wisdom and opinions!  Remember the Search Committee is always available to answer any questions you might have.

A summary of the survey will be provided to us by Holy Cow Consulting and be available to all members.  The data will guide the Search Committee in writing a profile of our Church to be used as a recruitment and marketing tool for the future.

We are grateful to our hardworking, dedicated Search committee and to Peter Munson for his gentle guidance during this process.  Thank you ahead of time for your participation in this survey.  This is a very important time in our Church, as we find our next leader.

Oct 15, 2021
WHO:  The St. Luke's Search Committee will be reaching out to individuals, bible studies, mission groups, etc. to schedule up small group meeting times.  A committee member will be contacting  group members, and individuals to begin the "listening" process.
WHAT:  LIstening Groups...all S.t Luke's members have a voice! In an effort to open the conversation to our parishoners, we will be meeting in small interest groups we are calling Listening Groups. We are at the beginning stages of  creating a St. Luke's profile which will include our wants, needs and concerns as we move forward in our search for a new rector. 
WHEN:   We will be conducting our meetings over the next 4 weeks.  We hope to compile the information received after the Thanksgiving holiday.
WHERE:  Our listening groups will be held for "in person" and Zoom gatherings
WHY:  The search committee has compiled a list of 6 short questions that we will share in hopes of stimulating thoughtful, respectful and contemplative discussions under the umbrella topic of
                            WHO ARE WE NOW? and WHERE ARE WE GOING?
We need you and your thoughts as we move forward choosing our new St. Luke's rector.
Linda Dugins will be holding a Listening Group in the library after the 10:30 AM service on October 24th. 


Search Committee has been formed!
September 23,2021

The list of our search committee member are listed above in the drop-down screen.

Holy Cow!
Next steps....

Our next meeting will be December 8th to review, collate and summarize the responses received from the listening groups and individuals who submitted responses to our 6 question survey. 

Our next step will be to use Holy Cow-which is an online program to survey the congregation about other aspects of our church and community.

We will then develop a pamphlet that describes our church, its missions and community. It will be used to attract potential rectors to our church.

If there is someone with computer graphic art skills who could help with laying out the pamphlet design- contact Linda or Dyan. Thanks!